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  Tuesday, October 22, 2013 ODGAC - Thanksgiving Luncheon
  Tuesday, October 29, 2013 ODGAC - Halloween Costume Contest
  Thursday, December 12, 2013 ODGAC - Christmas Breakfast
  Tuesday, December 17, 2013 ODGAC - Christmas Party
  Tuesday, March 11, 2014 ODGAC - Bowling Fun
  Tuesday, May 20, 2014 ODGAC - Meeting & Election
  Tuesday, May 27, 2014 ODGAC - Euchre & Mexican Train Domino Tournament


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Mardi 22 octobre 2013
CAOSO - déjeuner de Thanksgiving
Mardi 29 octobre 2013
CAOSO - concours de costume Halloween
Jeudi 12 decembre 2013
CAOSO - petit d´´euner de Noël
Mardi 17 decembre 2013
CAOSO - fête de Noêl
Mardi 11 mars 2014
CAOSO - fun Bowling
Mardi 20 mai 2014
CAOSO - réunion et élection
Mardi 27 mai 2014
CAOSO - tournois de euchre et train mexicain domino
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Dorothy Beam's Message (October 23, 2010)

Hello friends at ODGAC .. Wanted you all to know how much I enjoyed being with you for the belated Thanksgiving meal... Seeing and being hugged by those I know and meeting new ones was a treat for this old lady.

Perhaps you know I was born here in Ottawa, and except for the 3 years at OSD, Belleville, (known to you as Sir James Whitney, but not in my time) lived here till I visited Toronto where most of my school friends were, (I had an aunt and uncle there so stayed with them), I was 17 years old then. I got a job almost right away, and that is why I stayed with the Deaf community in Toronto.

Now Ottawa has grown to be a really beautiful city, I wouldn't mind living here again, except I still have a daughter in Toronto and grandkids too. Anyway, enough about me, I want to compliment the committee who planned that lovely dinner we had on Tuesday, October 19th and the friendliness of everyone there. I don't feel able to be a member of your Tuesday get-together, because of age and some physical limitations. But I hope to see you often just to enjoy "chatting" and getting to know you all a bit better.

So, here's to blessings from above to all...

Dorothy Ellen Beam



A small group of volunteers has begun advocating for long term care (LTC), which means, nursing homes/retirement residences, for Deaf and Deaf/blind seniors in eastern Ontario.

OUR GOAL is to be funded to advocate for the establishment of a system whereby Deaf and Deaf/blind seniors have an option to be served in a culturally appropriate, barrier free, long term care (LTC) setting in an existing facility in eastern Ontario. That is, to have one “home” where Deaf and Deaf/Blind seniors can be together. The benefits for the Deaf community will also help other seniors who have lost their hearing as they aged.


There is no long term care facility in Eastern Ontario with the expertise or dedicated spaces to serve the culturally Deaf or Deaf/blind. The Deaf have long recognized the need for such services locally and most want to remain in eastern Ontario as they age. Currently, persons who are Deaf must move out of the area or even out of province to receive culturally specific services. Separation from families and friends can be traumatic. If an existing LTC facility in eastern Ontario provided culturally specific services then families, friends and volunteers (Deaf and hearing who can use sign language) could easily visit.


A setting, within the existing LTC system, that understands the needs of Deaf and Deaf/blind persons and includes:

  • staff and volunteers trained in sign language
  • provision of sign language interpreters and intervenors as needed
  • Deaf friends and other Deaf people living in the same “home”
  • Deaf visitors and Deaf volunteers
  • staff and volunteers trained in hospice/palliative care
  • some Deaf staff, some hearing staff who use ASL
  • families and friends of residents living nearby

The “home” will be adapted to meet the needs of the Deaf and Deaf/blind, for example:

  • Televisions with closed captioning
  • Round tables in dining room
  • Visual fire alarms and doorbells
  • TTYs, webcams
  • Signage in Braille and ASL
  • Proper lighting for communication
  • Colours and patterns which are Deaf/blind friendly


Agreement that culturally specific services are a viable option in eastern Ontario.

To meet with:

  • the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)
  • the Champlain Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)
  • LTC facilities
  • government officials

Funding for:

  • advocacy work
  • a needs survey
  • sign language interpreting services and intervening services to enable Deaf, Deaf/blind and hearing parties (e.g. officials, professionals, etc) to communicate and discuss this project
  • an awareness campaign including press coverage


  • Appropriate services for the culturally Deaf and Deaf/blind
  • Accessibility for hard of hearing, oral deaf, late deafened seniors
  • Partnerships with LTC providers, CCAC, doctors, other professionals and service providers in the field of geriatrics
  • Increased volunteer opportunities for Deaf people
  • Job opportunities for Deaf people as personal support workers
  • Culturally appropriate palliative care
  • Services for Deaf people who are not seniors but require long term care due to life threatening illnesses, long standing disabilities (other
  • than deafness) and chronic illnesses such as MS or ALS
  • Families and friends are closer allowing for “continuity of community” and cost savings
  • Reduced emotional, psychological and spiritual distress for seniors and their families because the seniors are nearby
  1. Northwood in Halifax
  2. Le Manoir Cartierville in Montreal
  3. Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf in Barrie
  4. Pembina Place in Winnipeg
  5. Shepherd’s Care Kensington in Edmonton


For information and to offer support for this project, please contact:

  • TTY: Elaine Campbell 613-729-1612 or
  • TTY: Susan McKinley 613-224-1308 or
  • PHONE: Christine Wilson 613-864-7040
  • EMAIL: dons_dream_for_deaf_ltc@yahoo.ca