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PHOTOGRAPHY: Daniel Wojcik, except where credited otherwise


Cornfest 2014
25 years
Dorothy Beam
Dorothy Beam's Message (March 5, 2013) - It's just a few hours ago when I was very much surprised when at your club, Larry Holdaway's belated birthday was really mine and to see all the loving smiles on members who know me more than I remember them. Such a lovely thing you guys have done for me, cake, candles and all. I thank you from my heart and hope we can see each other quite often as time goes on, I will always need someone to drive me to your meetings. You have seen me today so you know how I am. I will only grow more old but my heart will always remain warm with the thought of you guys. You did the same five years ago so I am honored to have such wonderful friends here in Ottawa. I am here permanently here so I will see you from time to time. Love you all. Dororthy Ellen Beam
Feb 28, 2017
Betty is 90